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Expanded Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Webinar

Over 1 day between 11:30 to 17:00 GMT, the webinar will cover the full spectrum of expanded endoscopic endonasal approaches to the skull base.

There will be a focus on high yield surgical approaches and their relevance to specific disease processes including complex pituitary adenomas, tuberculum sella meningiomas, craniopharyngiomas, skull base sarcomas (chordomas and chondrosarcomas) and petroclival meningiomas among others.

Online Educational event: Advances in the Treatment of Acromegaly for Medical Professionals

News Date 21/03/2022

This webinar will be a free educational event; in particular discussing the advances in the treatment of acromegaly. It is mainly targeted at health professionals. The course is run by Dr Kumar Abhinav

  • King's College London
  • Stanford University
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • The Royal College of Surgeons of England